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References.ItemRemoved Event (Access)

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The ItemRemoved event occurs when a reference is removed from the project.


expression. ItemRemoved( ** Reference**, )

expression A variable that represents a References object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ReferenceRequiredReferenceThe reference that was removed from the project.


  • The ItemRemoved event applies to the References collection. It isn't associated with a control, form, or report, as are most other events. Therefore, in order to create a procedure definition for the ItemRemoved event procedure, you must use a special syntax.

  • The ItemRemoved event can run only an event procedure when it occurs, it cannot run a macro.

This event occurs only when you remove a reference from code. It doesn't occur when you remove a reference from the References dialog box, available by clicking References on the Tools menu when the Module window is the active window.


The following example includes event procedures for the ItemAdded and ItemRemoved events. To try this example, first create a new class module by clicking Class Module on the Insert menu. Paste the following code into the class module and save the module as RefEvents:

' Declare object variable to represent References collection. 
Public WithEvents evtReferences As References 

' When instance of class is created, initialize evtReferences 
' variable. 
Private Sub Class_Initialize() 
 Set evtReferences = Application.References 
End Sub 

' When instance is removed, set evtReferences to Nothing. 
Private Sub Class_Terminate() 
 Set evtReferences = Nothing 
End Sub 

' Display message when reference is added. 
Private Sub evtReferences_ItemAdded(ByVal Reference As _ 
 MsgBox "Reference to " &; Reference.Name &; " added." 
End Sub 

' Display message when reference is removed. 
Private Sub evtReferences_ItemRemoved(ByVal Reference As _ 
 MsgBox "Reference to " &; Reference.Name &; " removed." 
End Sub

The next Function procedure removes a specified reference. When a reference is removed, the ItemRemoved event procedure defined in the RefEvents class runs.

For example, to remove a reference to the calendar control, you could pass the string "MSACAL", which is the name of the Reference object that represents the calendar control.

Function RemoveReference(strRefName As String) As Boolean 
 Dim ref As Reference 

 On Error GoTo Error_RemoveReference 
 ' Return object representing existing reference. 
 Set ref = objRefEvents.evtReferences(strRefName) 
 ' Remove reference from collection. 
 objRefEvents.evtReferences.Remove ref 
 RemoveReference = True 

 Exit Function 

 MsgBox Err &; ": " &; Err.Description 
 RemoveReference = False 
 Resume Exit_RemoveReference 
End Function

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