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Reference.Major Property (Access)

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The Major property of a Reference object returns a read-only Long value indicating the major version number of an application to which you have set a reference.


expression. Major

expression A variable that represents a Reference object.


The Major property returns the value to the left of the decimal point in a version number. For example, if you've set a reference to an application whose version number is 2.5, the Major property returns 2.


The following example displays a message with information about all the references in the current project.

Dim r As Reference 
Dim strInfo As String 

For Each r In Application.References 
 strInfo = strInfo &; r.Name &; " " &; r.Major &; "." &; r.Minor &; vbCrLf 

MsgBox "Current References: " &; vbCrLf &; strInfo

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