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Modify a Query from a DAO Recordset

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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You can use the Requery method on a dynaset-type or snapshot-type Recordset object when you want to run the underlying query again after changing a parameter. This is more convenient than opening a new Recordset, and it runs faster.

The following code example creates a Recordset object and passes it to a function that uses the CopyQueryDef method to extract the equivalent SQL string. It then prompts the user to add an additional constraint clause to the query. The code uses the Requery method to run the modified query.

Sub AddQuery() 

Dim dbsNorthwind As DAO.Database 
Dim qdfSalesReps As DAO.QueryDef 
Dim rstSalesReps As DAO.Recordset 

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler 

   Set dbsNorthwind = CurrentDb 

   Set qdfSalesReps = dbsNorthwind.CreateQueryDef("SalesRepQuery") 
   qdfSalesReps.SQL = "SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE Title = " &; _ 
                      "'Sales Representative'" 

   Set rstSalesReps = qdfSalesReps.OpenRecordset() 

   ' Call the function to add a constraint. 
   AddQueryFilter rstSalesReps 

   ' Return database to original. 
   dbsNorthwind.QueryDefs.Delete "SalesRepQuery" 


   Set rstSalesReps = Nothing 
   Set qdfSalesReps = Nothing 
   Set dbsNorthwind = Nothing 

   Exit Sub 

   MsgBox "Error #: " &; Err.Number &; vbCrLf &; vbCrLf &; Err.Description 
End Sub 

Sub AddQueryFilter(rstData As Recordset) 

Dim qdfData As DAO.QueryDef 
Dim strNewFilter As String 
Dim strRightSQL As String 

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler 

   Set qdfData = rstData.CopyQueryDef 

   ' Try "LastName LIKE 'D*'". 
   strNewFilter = InputBox("Enter new criteria") 

   strRightSQL = Right(qdfData.SQL, 1) 

   ' Strip characters from the end of the query, 
   ' as needed. 
   Do While strRightSQL = " " Or strRightSQL = ";" Or _ 
                          strRightSQL = vbCR Or strRightSQL = vbLF 
      qdfData.SQL = Left(qdfData.SQL, Len(qdfData.SQL) - 1) 
      strRightSQL = Right(qdfData.SQL, 1) 

   qdfData.SQL = qdfData.SQL &; " AND " &; strNewFilter 
   rstData.Requery qdfData         'Requery the Recordset. 
   rstData.MoveLast               'Populate the Recordset. 

   ' "Lastname LIKE 'D*'" should return 2 records. 
   MsgBox "Number of records found:  " &; rstData.RecordCount &; "." 

   Set qdfData = Nothing 

   Exit Sub 

   MsgBox "Error #: " &; Err.Number &; vbCrLf &; vbCrLf &; Err.Description 
End Sub

Note To use the Requery method, the Restartable property of the Recordset object must be set to True. The Restartable property is always set to True when the Recordset is created from a query other than a crosstab query against tables in an Access database. You cannot restart SQL pass-through queries. You may or may not be able to restart queries against linked tables in another database format. To determine whether a Recordset object can rerun its query, check the Restartable property.

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