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ListBox.HideDuplicates Property (Access)

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You can use the HideDuplicates property to hide a control on a report when its value is the same as in the preceding record. Read/write Boolean.


expression. HideDuplicates

expression A variable that represents a ListBox object.


The HideDuplicates property applies only to controls (check box, combo box, list box, option button, option group, text box, toggle button) on a report.

The HideDuplicates property uses the following settings.

TrueIf the value of a control or the data it contains is the same as in the preceding record, the control is hidden.
False(Default) The control is visible regardless of the value in the preceding record.

You can set the HideDuplicates property only in report Design view.

You can use the HideDuplicates property to create a grouped report by using only the detail section rather than a group header and the detail section.


The following example returns the HideDuplicates property setting for the CategoryName text box and assigns the value to the intCurVal variable.

Dim intCurVal As Integer 
intCurVal = Me!CategoryName.HideDuplicates

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