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Label.RightMargin Property (Access)

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Along with the TopMargin, Left Margin, and BottomMargin properties, specifies the location of information displayed within a label control. Read/write Integer.


expression. RightMargin

expression A variable that represents a Label object.


A control's displayed information location is measured from the control's left, top, right, or bottom border to the left, top, right, or bottom edge of the displayed information. To use a unit of measurement different from the setting in the regional settings of Windows, specify the unit (for example, cm or in).

In Visual Basic, use a numeric expression to set the value of this property. Values are expressed in twips.


The following example offsets the caption in the label "EmployeeID_Label" in the "Purchase Orders" form by 100 twips from the right of the label's border.

With Forms.Item("Purchase Orders").Controls.Item("EmployeeID_Label") 
 .RightMargin = 100 
End With

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