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Image.Hyperlink Property (Access)

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You can use the Hyperlink property to return a reference to a Hyperlink object. You can use the Hyperlink property to access the properties and methods of a control's hyperlink. Read-only.


expression. Hyperlink

expression A variable that represents an Image object.


The CreateHyperlink procedure in the following example sets the hyperlink properties for a command button, label, or image control to the address and subaddress values passed to the procedure. The address setting is an optional argument, because a hyperlink to an object in the current database uses only the subaddress setting, To try this example, create a form with two text box controls ( txtAddress and txtSubAddress) and a command button ( cmdFollowLink) and paste the following into the Declarations section of the form's module:

Private Sub cmdFollowLink_Click() 
 CreateHyperlink Me!cmdFollowLink, Me!txtSubAddress, _ 
End Sub 

Sub CreateHyperlink(ctlSelected As Control, _ 
 strSubAddress As String, Optional strAddress As String) 
 Dim hlk As Hyperlink 
 Select Case ctlSelected.ControlType 
 Case acLabel, acImage, acCommandButton 
 Set hlk = ctlSelected.Hyperlink 
 With hlk 
 If Not IsMissing(strAddress) Then 
 .Address = strAddress 
 .Address = "" 
 End If 
 .SubAddress = strSubAddress 
 .Address = "" 
 .SubAddress = "" 
 End With 
 Case Else 
 MsgBox "The control '" &; ctlSelected.Name _ 
 &; "' does not support hyperlinks." 
 End Select 
End Sub

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