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Hyperlink.SubAddress Property (Access)

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You can use the SubAddress property to specify or determine a location within the target document specified by the Address property. Read/write String. .


expression. SubAddress

expression A variable that represents a Hyperlink object.


The SubAddress property can be an object within a Microsoft Access database, a bookmark within a Microsoft Word document, a named range within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, a slide within a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or a location within an HTML document.

The SubAddress property represents the HyperlinkSubAddress property of a named location within the target document specified by the HyperlinkAddress property

When you move the cursor over a command button, image control, or label control whose HyperlinkSubAddress property is set, the cursor changes to an upward-pointing hand. Clicking the control displays the object or Web page specified by the link.

For more information about hyperlink addresses and their format, see the HyperlinkAddress and HyperlinkSubAddress property topics.


The following example turns a label named "Label20" on the "Suppliers" form into an active hyperlink. When the user click the hyperlink, Access opens the "Mailing List" form in the "Postal Operations" database.

With Forms("Suppliers").Controls("Label20").Hyperlink 
 .Address = "PostalOperations.mdb" 
 .SubAddress = "Form Mailing List" 
End With

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