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Hyperlink.AddToFavorites Method (Access)

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The AddToFavorites method adds a hyperlink address to the Favorites folder.


expression. AddToFavorites

expression A variable that represents a Hyperlink object.

Return Value



When applied to a Control object, the AddToFavorites method adds the hyperlink address contained in a control to the Favorites folder.


The following example sets the HyperlinkAddress property of a command button. When the user clicks the command button, the address is added to the Favorites folder by using the AddToFavorites method.

To try this example, create a new form and add a command button named Command0. Paste the following code into the form's module. Switch to Form view and click the command button.

Private Sub Form_Load() 
 Me!Command0.HyperlinkAddress = "" 
End SubPrivate Sub Command0_Click() 
End Sub

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