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Form.DatasheetGridlinesColor Property (Access)

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You can use the DatasheetGridlinesColor property to specify the color of gridlines in a datasheet. Read/write Long.


expression. DatasheetGridlinesColor

expression A variable that represents a Form object.


The DatasheetGridlinesColor property applies only to objects in Datasheet view.

This property is only available in Visual Basicwithin a Microsoft Access database.

You can also use the RGB or QBColor functions to set this property.

This property setting affects the gridline color for the entire datasheet. It's not possible to set the gridline color of individual cells in Datasheet view.

The following table contains the properties that don't exist in the DAO Properties collection of until you set them by using the Formatting (Datasheet) toolbar or you can add them in an Access database by using the CreateProperty method and append it to the DAO Properties collection.

DatasheetFontItalic *DatasheetForeColor *
DatasheetFontHeight *DatasheetBackColor
DatasheetFontName *DatasheetGridlinesColor
DatasheetFontUnderline *DatasheetGridlinesBehavior
DatasheetFontWeight *DatasheetCellsEffect

Note When you add or set any property listed with an asterisk, Microsoft Access automatically adds all the properties listed with an asterisk to the Properties collection in the database.

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