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DoCmd.SetDisplayedCategories Method (Access)

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Specifies which categories are displayed under Navigate to Category in the title bar of the Navigation Pane. .


expression. SetDisplayedCategories( ** Show, ** Category )

expression A variable that represents a DoCmd object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ShowRequiredVariantSet to Yes to show the category or categories. Set to No to hide them.
CategoryOptionalVariantThe name of the category you want to show or hide. Leave blank to show or hide all categories.


For example, if you want to prevent users from switching the Navigation Pane so that it displays objects sorted by Created Date, you can use this method to hide that option in the title bar's drop-down list.

The caption in the title bar of the Navigation Pane indicates which filter, if any, is currently active. Click anywhere in the bar to display the drop-down list. The items that this method controls are listed under Navigate to Category.

This method only enables or disables the display of the specified category or categories; it does not perform any switching of the Navigation Pane display. For example, if you are displaying objects sorted by Creation Date and you use the SetDisplayedCategories method to disable the Creation Date option, Access does not switch the Navigation Pane to another category.

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