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CommandButton.Cancel Property (Access)

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You can use the Cancel property to specify whether a command button is also the Cancel button on a form. Read/write Boolean.


expression. Cancel

expression A variable that represents a CommandButton object.


The Cancel property uses the following settings.

SettingVisual BasicDescription
YesTrueThe command button is the Cancel button.
NoFalse(Default) The command button isn't the Cancel button.

Setting the Cancel property to Yes makes the command button the Cancel button in the form. However, you must still write the macro or Visual Basic event procedure that performs whatever action or actions you want the Cancel button to carry out (for example, closing the form without saving any changes to it). Set the command button's OnClick event property to the name of the macro or event procedure.

When a command button's Cancel property setting is Yes and the Form window is active, the user can choose the command button by pressing ESC, by pressing ENTER when the command button has the focus, or by clicking the command button.

Note If a text box has the focus when the user presses ESC, any changes made to the data in the text box will be lost, and the original data will be restored.

When the Cancel property is set to Yes for one command button on a form, it is automatically set to No for all other command buttons on the form.

For a form that supports irreversible operations, such as deletions, it's a good idea to make the Cancel button the default command button. To do this, set both the Cancel property and the Default property to Yes.

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