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ComboBox.ReadingOrder Property (Access)

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You can use the ReadingOrder property to specify or determine the reading order of words in text. Read/write Byte.


expression. ReadingOrder

expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


The ReadingOrder property uses the following settings.

SettingVisual BasicDescription
Context0Reading order is determined by the language of the first character entered. If a right-to-left language character is entered first, reading order is right to left. If a left-to-right language character is entered first, reading order is left to right.
Left-to-Right1Sets the reading order to left to right.
Right-to-Left2Sets the reading order to right to left.

In a combo box or list box, the ReadingOrder property determines reading order behavior for both the text box and list box components of the control.


The following example sets the reading order to right to left for the "Address" text box on the "International Shipping" form.

Forms("International Shipping").Controls("Address").ReadingOrder = 2

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