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ComboBox.IMEMode Property (Access)

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expression. IMEMode

expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


The IMEMode property uses the following settings.

SettingDescriptionVisual Basic
No ControlKanji Conversion Mode not set (default).0
OnTurns on Kanji Conversion Mode.1
OffTurns off Kanji Conversion Mode.2
DisableDisables Kanji Conversion Mode.3
HiraganaSets full pitch hiragana4
Full pitch KatakanaSets full pitch katakana.5
Half pitch KatakanaSets half pitch katakana.6
Full pitch Alpha/NumSets full pitch letters/numbers.7
Half pitch Alpha/NumSets half pitch letters/numbers.8
HangulFullSets full pitch hangul.9
HangulSets half pitch hangul.10

You can specify the Kanji Conversion Mode when the focus shifts to control by setting the IMEMode property. If set to No Control (default) the setting before the focus shifted to that control is used. For any other setting, the Kanji Conversion Mode setting for that control is used. For example, if the IMEMode property is set to Off, the Kanji Conversion Mode is turned off, and if the IMEMode property is set to On, the Kanji Conversion Mode is turned on. The Kanji Conversion Mode automatically changes each time the focus shifts between controls.

Note If set to Disable, the Kanji Conversion Mode settings cannot be changed. If any other setting is used, the Kanji Conversion Mode can be changed, but when the focus changes, the settings are lost. If you want to save the settings before the control loses the focus, set the IMEHold/HoldKanjiConversionMode property.

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