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CodeProject.FileFormat Property (Access)

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Returns an AcFileFormat constant indicating the Microsoft Access version format of the specified project. Read-only.


expression. FileFormat

expression A variable that represents a CodeProject object.


Use the ConvertAccessProject method to convert an Access project from one version to another.


This example evaluates the current project and displays a message indicating to which version of Microsoft Access its file format corresponds.

Dim strFormat As String 

Select Case CurrentProject.FileFormat 
 Case acFileFormatAccess2 
 strFormat = "Microsoft Access 2" 
 Case acFileFormatAccess95 
 strFormat = "Microsoft Access 95" 
 Case acFileFormatAccess97 
 strFormat = "Microsoft Access 97" 
 Case acFileFormatAccess2000 
 strFormat = "Microsoft Access 2000" 
 Case acFileFormatAccess2002 
 strFormat = "Access 2002 - 2003" 
 Case acFileFormatAccess12 
 strFormat = "Microsoft Access 2007" 
End Select 

MsgBox "This is a " &; strFormat &; " project."

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