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AcPrintPaperBin Enumeration (Access)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Used with the PaperBin property to indicate which paper bin the specified printer should use.

acPRBNAuto7(Default) Use paper from the current default bin.
acPRBNCassette14Use paper from the attached cassette cartridge.
acPRBNEnvelope5Use envelopes from the envelope feeder.
acPRBNEnvManual6Use envelopes from the envelope feeder, but wait for manual insertion.
acPRBNFormSource15Use paper from the forms bin.
acPRBNLargeCapacity11Use paper from the large capacity feeder.
acPRBNLargeFmt10Use paper from the large paper bin.
acPRBNLower2Use paper from the lower bin.
acPRBNManual4Wait for manual insertion of each sheet of paper.
acPRBNMiddle3Use paper from the middle bin.
acPRBNSmallFmt9Use paper from the small paper feeder.
acPRBNTractor8Use paper from the tractor feeder.
acPRBNUpper1Use paper from the upper bin.
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