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AcControlType Enumeration (Access)

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Specifies the type of control created by the CreateControl and CreateReportControl methods.

acAttachment126Attachment control.
acBoundObjectFrame108Bound Object Frame control.
acCheckBox106Check Box control.
acComboBox111Combo Box control.
acCommandButton104Command Button control.
acCustomControl119ActiveX control.
acEmptyCell127EmptyCell control.
acImage103Image control.
acLabel100Label control.
acLine102Line control.
acListBox110List Box control.
acNavigationButton130Navigation Button control.
acNavigationControl129Navigation control.
acObjectFrame114Unbound Object Frame control.
acOptionButton105Option Button control.
acOptionGroup107Option Group control.
acPage124Page control.
acPageBreak118Page Break control.
acRectangle101Rectangle control.
acSubform112Subform control.
acTabCtl123Tab control.
acTextBox109Text Box control.
acToggleButton122Toggle Button control.
acWebBrowser128Web browser control.
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