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Community Translation

Do you have a passion for IT Pro and Developer content?

Are you fluent in any of the languages listed below?

If you are, here is why you should join the Translation Wiki Community:

  • You‘ll help improve the quality of machine-translated content within MSDN Library
  • You’ll increase the amount of localized developer content available
  • Challenge your technical knowledge and language skills
  • You’ll be able to earn points and awards for your translation efforts with the MSDN Profile recognition system
  • You will become a valued member of the translation community

Translation Wiki is a simple-to-use tool: compare the original English sentence with the translation and submit edits, if necessary. Moderators review the submissions, and if your translation is approved, the sentence is then updated in the content. If you have an MSDN Profile, your contributions are tracked and you can earn points and awards for your translation efforts.

Getting Started

Select your language below and view the Translation Wiki Overview video on the page.

To find out more information about our creation of 20 million words of localized developer content, read our Developer Content Localization Team Blog.