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Emphasizes the call site of an event.


From managed code, an event can only be raised from within the class where it is defined. See event for more information.

The keyword __raise causes an error to be emitted if you call a non-event.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

A templated class or struct cannot contain events.

// EventHandlingRef_raise.cpp  
struct E {  
   __event void func1();  
   void func1(int) {}  
   void func2() {}  
   void b() {  
      __raise func1();  
      __raise func1(1);  // C3745: 'int Event::bar(int)':   
                         // only an event can be 'raised'  
      __raise func2();   // C3745  
int main() {  
   E e;  
   __raise e.func1();  
   __raise e.func1(1);  // C3745  
   __raise e.func2();   // C3745  

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