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Uninstall Analytics Platform System Hotfixes

Barbara Kess|Last Updated: 1/6/2017

The following steps describe how to uninstall a previously installed Analytics Platform System hotfix.

Before You Begin


To perform these steps, you will need:

  • An Analytics Platform System login with permissions to access the Admin Console to monitor the appliance.

  • The Domain Administrator account to login to the -HST01 node.

  • The Knowledge Base article number for the hotfix to uninstall.

To uninstall a SQL Server PDW hotfix

  1. Log on to the -HST01 node as the Fabric Domain Administrator.

  2. Use the Run as Administrator option to open a Command Prompt.

  3. Change directories to C:\PDWINST\Patches\<kbarticle>\media where is the Knowledge Base article number for the hotfix to uninstall.

    cd /d c:\PDWINST\Patches\<kbarticle>\media
  4. To remove the hotfix, run the following command.

    setup.exe /action="removepatch" /DomainAdminPassword="<password>"

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