SOAP Namespace
Public class AffiliateApplicationNameRepresents the affiliate application name.
Public class AssemblyNameRepresents the assembly name.
Public class AuthenticationSchemeRepresents the authentication scheme.
Public class bts_soap_propertiesRepresents the properties associated with the extensible XML messaging frameworks for BizTalk.
Public class ClientCertificateRepresents the client certificate.
Public class ClientConnectionTimeoutRepresents the client connection timeout.
Public class MethodNameRepresents a method name for SOAP service.
Public class Password
Public class ProxyAddressRepresents a proxy address.
Public class ProxyPasswordRepresents the password to user for the proxy.
Public class ProxyPortRepresents the port of the HTTP proxy to use for the Web service call.
Public class ProxyUsernameRepresents the user name to use for the proxy.
Public class TypeNameRepresents a type name for SOAP.
Public class UnknownHeadersRepresents the unknown SOAP headers.
Public class UseHandlerSettingSpecifies the SOAP send port that uses the proxy configuration for the handler.
Public class UseProxySpecifies the SOAP adapter that uses a proxy server.
Public class UserDefinedDefines a user-defined class.
Public class Username
Public class UseSoap12Specifies a proxy code that supports the SOAP 1.2 protocol.
Public class UseSSOSpecifies the SOAP adapter that uses SSO for the send port.