SOAP Namespace

Provides classes related to messaging framework and its properties.

System_CAPS_pubclass AffiliateApplicationName

Represents the affiliate application name.

System_CAPS_pubclass AssemblyName

Represents the assembly name.

System_CAPS_pubclass AuthenticationScheme

Represents the authentication scheme.

System_CAPS_pubclass bts_soap_properties

Represents the properties associated with the extensible XML messaging frameworks for BizTalk.

System_CAPS_pubclass ClientCertificate

Represents the client certificate.

System_CAPS_pubclass ClientConnectionTimeout

Represents the client connection timeout.

System_CAPS_pubclass MethodName

Represents a method name for SOAP service.

System_CAPS_pubclass Password

Represents the password for the messaging account.

System_CAPS_pubclass ProxyAddress

Represents a proxy address.

System_CAPS_pubclass ProxyPassword

Represents the password to user for the proxy.

System_CAPS_pubclass ProxyPort

Represents the port of the HTTP proxy to use for the Web service call.

System_CAPS_pubclass ProxyUsername

Represents the user name to use for the proxy.

System_CAPS_pubclass TypeName

Represents a type name for SOAP.

System_CAPS_pubclass UnknownHeaders

Represents the unknown SOAP headers.

System_CAPS_pubclass UseHandlerSetting

Specifies the SOAP send port that uses the proxy configuration for the handler.

System_CAPS_pubclass UseProxy

Specifies the SOAP adapter that uses a proxy server.

System_CAPS_pubclass UserDefined

Defines a user-defined class.

System_CAPS_pubclass Username

Represents the username for the messaging account.

System_CAPS_pubclass UseSoap12

Specifies a proxy code that supports the SOAP 1.2 protocol.

System_CAPS_pubclass UseSSO

Specifies the SOAP adapter that uses SSO for the send port.

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