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Phone Audio Call

Ajinkya Kher|Last Updated: 1/20/2017
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Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

Prerequisites: To use Phone Audio, user needs a valid Office 365 Enterprise E5 license with PSTN calling set up


This feature is not supported in Google Chrome.

Starting a Phone Audio Call

In order to make a phone audio call we need to:

  1. create a conversation js var conversation = application.conversationsManager.getConversation('sip:XXXX');
  2. start the audio call with the user, specifying the phone # where we want to connect the phone audio from js conversation.phoneAudioService.start({ teluri: 'tel:+1XXXX' });

Conversation Call State

We can subscribe to the conversation call state to get information about the overall call status. For example: Is there an ongoing call in this conversation. This does not mean that we are connected to the call.

conversation.state.changed(function (newValue, reason, oldValue) {

Possible call states:

Created...When conversation was created
Connecting...When establishing a connection
Connected...When the call was successfully connected
Disconnected...When the conversation got disconnected

Self Participant Call state

The state property on the phoneAudioService allows us to observe the call state. For example: if the state changes to "Connected" it means we have successfully connected to the phone audio call.

conversation.phoneAudioService.state.when('Connected', function () {

Note:.when(value, callback) Lets you subscribe to an observable and only triggers the callback when the observable changes its value to the value specified. For Example: state.when('Connected', callback) will execute the callback when the value of state changes to "Connected".

Participants in Conversation

You can subscribe to the participants collection on the conversation object to be notified when new perticipants enter the conversation.

conversation.participants.added(function (participant) {
    // ...

Ending a Call

To end the call, simply leave the conversation

conversation.leave().then(function () {
    // successfully left the conversation
}, function (error) {
    // error

Complete Code Sample

Here is the code combined:

var conversation = application.conversationsManager.getConversation('sip:XXXX');
conversation.phoneAudioService.state.when('Connected', function () {
    // connected to phone audio
conversation.state.changed(function (newValue, reason, oldValue) {
    // Conversation state changed from oldValue to newValue
conversation.participants.added(function (participant) {
    // participant.displayName() has been added to the conversation
conversation.phoneAudioService.start({teluri: 'tel:+1XXXX'}).then(function() {
    // successfully started call
}, function (error) {
    // handle error
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