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Transferring audio calls in the SDK

Ajinkya Kher|Last Updated: 1/20/2017
1 Contributor

Applies to: Skype for Business 2015


This feature is not supported in Google Chrome.

Prerequisites: To use Call Transfer, user needs a valid Office 365 Enterprise E5 license with PSTN calling set up

Simple call transfer

An ongoing audio call can be transferred to a SIP URI:

conv.audioService.transfer("").then(() => {

or it can be transferred to a phone:


If the specified URI declines the transfer, UCWA returns an error with code=RemoteFailure subcode=TransferTargetDeclined which is then used to reject the promise object returned from transfer(...).

Once the call is transferred, UCWA ends this conversation (so on the SDK side conversation.state() becomes Disconnected). For the remote participant the conversation remains the same, but the participant changes.

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