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Joseph Calev|Last Updated: 10/25/2016

Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

        Represents a resource that allows clients to fetch all media-related settings that
        cannot be modeled as capability links or properties of individual resources. Most
        of them are directly consumed by media stack manager on the client side.

For more on web links, see Web links.

relThe resource that this link points to. In JSON, this is the outer container.
hrefThe location of this resource on the server, and the target of an HTTP operation.


applicationSharingBitRateGets the application sharing bit rate.
applicationSharingEncryptionGets whether encryption for application sharing is enabled.
audioBitRateGets the audio bit rate.
audioBypassGets whether audio bypass is enabled.
audioBypassIdGets the audio bypass id.
audioVideoEncryptionGets whether audio/video encryption is enabled between two applications.
bandwidthControlGets whether bandwidth control is enabled.
externalAudioBypassModeGets audio bypass mode when the client is communicating with external side of the server.
fipsCompliantMediaGets whether to use FIPS approved algorithm for media stack.
highPerformanceApplicationSharingInOnlineMeetingWhether high performance application sharing is enabled in online meetings.
internalAudioBypassModeGets audio bypass mode when the client is communicating with internal side of the server.
maximumApplicationSharingPortGets the maximum port for application sharing.
maximumAudioPortGets the maximum port for audio.
maximumVideoPortGets the maximum port for video.
maximumVideoRateAllowedGets the maximum video rate allowed.
minimumApplicationSharingPortGets the minimum port for application sharing.
minimumAudioPortGets the minimum port for audio.
minimumVideoPortGets the minimum port for video.
multiViewJoinGets whether the clinet is enabled for multi-view join for video.
poorDeviceWarningsGets whether the client should disable poor device warnings.
poorNetworkWarningsGets whether the client should disable poor network warnings.
portRangeGets whether the port range is enabled.
qualityOfServiceGets whether media quality of service should enabled for the media manager on the client.
totalReceivedVideoBitRateKBGets the maximunm bit rate for video.
videoGets whether video is enabled for the client.
videoBitRateGets the video bit rate.

This resource can have the following relationships.

selfThe link to the current resource.

Azure Active Directory scopes for online applications

The user must have at least one of these scopes for operations on the resource to be allowed.

Conversations.InitiateInitiate conversations and join meetingsAllows the app to initiate instant messages, audio, video, and desktop sharing conversations; and join meetings on-behalf of the signed-in user
Conversations.ReceiveReceive conversation invitesAllows the app to receive instant messages, audio, video, and desktop sharing invitations on-behalf of the signed-in user



Operation description coming soon...

Request body


Response body

The response from a GET request contains the properties and links shown in the Properties and Links sections at the top of this page.

Synchronous errors

The errors below (if any) are specific to this resource. Generic errors that can apply to any resource are covered in Generic synchronous errors.

ServiceFailure500InvalidExchangeServerVersionInvalid exchange server version.The exchange mailbox of the server might have moved to an unsupported version for the required feature.
Conflict409AlreadyExistsThe already exists error.
Conflict409TooManyGroupsThe too many groups error.
Conflict409NoneUn-supported Service/Resource/API error.
Gone410CannotRedirectCannot redirect since there is no back up pool configured.


JSON Request

Get HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer cwt=PHNhbWw6QXNzZXJ0aW9uIHhtbG5...uZm8
Accept: application/json

JSON Response

This sample is given only as an illustration of response syntax. The semantic content is not guaranteed to correspond to a valid scenario.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 937
  "rel" : "mediaPolicies",
  "applicationSharingBitRate" : "samplevalue",
  "applicationSharingEncryption" : "Supported",
  "audioBitRate" : "samplevalue",
  "audioBypass" : "Disabled",
  "audioBypassId" : "samplevalue",
  "audioVideoEncryption" : "Enforced",
  "bandwidthControl" : "OnReportMode",
  "externalAudioBypassMode" : "samplevalue",
  "fipsCompliantMedia" : "Required",
  "highPerformanceApplicationSharingInOnlineMeeting" : "Disabled",
  "internalAudioBypassMode" : "samplevalue",
  "maximumApplicationSharingPort" : 41,
  "maximumAudioPort" : 76,
  "maximumVideoPort" : 13,
  "maximumVideoRateAllowed" : "samplevalue",
  "minimumApplicationSharingPort" : 2,
  "minimumAudioPort" : 16,
  "minimumVideoPort" : 91,
  "multiViewJoin" : "Disabled",
  "poorDeviceWarnings" : "Disabled",
  "poorNetworkWarnings" : "Disabled",
  "portRange" : "Disabled",
  "qualityOfService" : "Disabled",
  "totalReceivedVideoBitRateKB" : "samplevalue",
  "video" : "Disabled",
  "videoBitRate" : "samplevalue",
  "_links" : {
    "self" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/mediaPolicies"

XML Request

Get HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer cwt=PHNhbWw6QXNzZXJ0aW9uIHhtbG5...uZm8
Accept: application/xml

XML Response

This sample is given only as an illustration of response syntax. The semantic content is not guaranteed to correspond to a valid scenario.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml
Content-Length: 1671
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<resource rel="mediaPolicies" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/mediaPolicies" xmlns="">
  <property name="rel">mediaPolicies</property>
  <property name="applicationSharingBitRate">samplevalue</property>
  <property name="applicationSharingEncryption">Supported</property>
  <property name="audioBitRate">samplevalue</property>
  <property name="audioBypass">Disabled</property>
  <property name="audioBypassId">samplevalue</property>
  <property name="audioVideoEncryption">Enforced</property>
  <property name="bandwidthControl">On</property>
  <property name="externalAudioBypassMode">samplevalue</property>
  <property name="fipsCompliantMedia">Required</property>
  <property name="highPerformanceApplicationSharingInOnlineMeeting">Disabled</property>
  <property name="internalAudioBypassMode">samplevalue</property>
  <property name="maximumApplicationSharingPort">74</property>
  <property name="maximumAudioPort">78</property>
  <property name="maximumVideoPort">97</property>
  <property name="maximumVideoRateAllowed">samplevalue</property>
  <property name="minimumApplicationSharingPort">56</property>
  <property name="minimumAudioPort">63</property>
  <property name="minimumVideoPort">69</property>
  <property name="multiViewJoin">Disabled</property>
  <property name="poorDeviceWarnings">Disabled</property>
  <property name="poorNetworkWarnings">Disabled</property>
  <property name="portRange">Disabled</property>
  <property name="qualityOfService">Disabled</property>
  <property name="totalReceivedVideoBitRateKB">samplevalue</property>
  <property name="video">Disabled</property>
  <property name="videoBitRate">samplevalue</property>
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