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John Austin|Last Updated: 10/25/2016
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Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

        Represents the [participant]( that sent an invitation.

For more on web links, see Web links.

relThe resource that this link points to. In JSON, this is the outer container.
hrefThe location of this resource on the server, and the target of an HTTP operation.

Resource description

This resource is present in both incoming and outgoing invitations.In an incoming invitation, this resource can contain additional contact information that the application can usefor display purposes.


anonymousWhether the participant is anonymous.
inLobbyWhether the participant is in the lobby.
localWhether the participant is local.The local participant is the same as the user.
nameThe participant's display name.
organizerWhether the participant is an organizer.An organizer can never be locked out of her own meeting.
otherPhoneNumberThe participant's Other Phone.
roleThe participant's role (Role), such as Attendee or Leader.
sourceNetworkThe participant's source network (SourceNetwork), such as SameEnterprise or PublicCloud (for example, a Skype contact).
uriThe participant's URI.
workPhoneNumberThe participant's Phone URI.

This resource can have the following relationships.

selfThe link to the current resource.
contactRepresents a person or service that the user can communicate and collaborate with.
contactPhotoThe photo of a contact.
contactPresenceRepresents a contact's availability and activity.
conversationRepresents the local participants perspective on a multi-modal, multi-party communication.
ejectEjects the corresponding participant from the onlineMeeting.
meRepresents the user.
participantApplicationSharingRepresents whether a participant is using the application sharing modality in a conversation.
participantAudioRepresents whether a participant is using the audio modality in a conversation.
participantDataCollaborationRepresents whether a participant is using the data collaboration modality in a conversation.
participantMessagingUsed to determine whether a participant is using the instant messaging modality in a conversation.
participantPanoramicVideoRepresents whether a participant is using the panoramic video modality in a conversation.
participantVideoRepresents whether a participant is using the main video modality in a conversation.

Azure Active Directory scopes for online applications

The user must have at least one of these scopes for operations on the resource to be allowed.

Conversations.InitiateInitiate conversations and join meetingsAllows the app to initiate instant messages, audio, video, and desktop sharing conversations; and join meetings on-behalf of the signed-in user
Conversations.ReceiveReceive conversation invitesAllows the app to receive instant messages, audio, video, and desktop sharing invitations on-behalf of the signed-in user



Returns a representation of the participant that sent an invitation.

Request body


Response body

The response from a GET request contains the properties and links shown in the Properties and Links sections at the top of this page.

Synchronous errors

The errors below (if any) are specific to this resource. Generic errors that can apply to any resource are covered in Generic synchronous errors.

ServiceFailure500InvalidExchangeServerVersionInvalid exchange server version.The exchange mailbox of the server might have moved to an unsupported version for the required feature.
Conflict409AlreadyExistsThe already exists error.
Conflict409TooManyGroupsThe too many groups error.
Conflict409NoneUn-supported Service/Resource/API error.
Gone410CannotRedirectCannot redirect since there is no back up pool configured.


JSON Request

Get HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer cwt=PHNhbWw6QXNzZXJ0aW9uIHhtbG5...uZm8
Accept: application/json

JSON Response

This sample is given only as an illustration of response syntax. The semantic content is not guaranteed to correspond to a valid scenario.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1607
  "rel" : "from",
  "anonymous" : true,
  "inLobby" : true,
  "local" : true,
  "name" : "Joe Smith",
  "organizer" : true,
  "otherPhoneNumber" : "tel:+14251111111",
  "role" : "Attendee",
  "sourceNetwork" : "SameEnterprise",
  "uri" : "",
  "workPhoneNumber" : "tel:+14251111111",
  "_links" : {
    "self" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/831"
    "contact" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/people/282"
    "contactPhoto" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/people/282/contactPhoto"
    "contactPresence" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/people/282/contactPresence"
    "conversation" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137"
    "eject" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/eject"
    "me" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/me"
    "participantApplicationSharing" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantApplicationSharing"
    "participantAudio" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantAudio"
    "participantDataCollaboration" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantDataCollaboration"
    "participantMessaging" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantMessaging"
    "participantPanoramicVideo" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantPanoramicVideo"
    "participantVideo" : {
      "href" : "/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantVideo"

XML Request

Get HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer cwt=PHNhbWw6QXNzZXJ0aW9uIHhtbG5...uZm8
Accept: application/xml

XML Response

This sample is given only as an illustration of response syntax. The semantic content is not guaranteed to correspond to a valid scenario.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml
Content-Length: 2065
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<resource rel="from" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/831" xmlns="">
  <link rel="contact" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/people/282" />
  <link rel="contactPhoto" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/people/282/contactPhoto" />
  <link rel="contactPresence" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/people/282/contactPresence" />
  <link rel="conversation" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137" />
  <link rel="eject" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/eject" />
  <link rel="me" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/me" />
  <link rel="participantApplicationSharing" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantApplicationSharing" />
  <link rel="participantAudio" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantAudio" />
  <link rel="participantDataCollaboration" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantDataCollaboration" />
  <link rel="participantMessaging" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantMessaging" />
  <link rel="participantPanoramicVideo" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantPanoramicVideo" />
  <link rel="participantVideo" href="/ucwa/v1/applications/192/communication/conversations/137/participants/196/participantVideo" />
  <property name="rel">from</property>
  <property name="anonymous">True</property>
  <property name="inLobby">True</property>
  <property name="local">True</property>
  <property name="name">Joe Smith</property>
  <property name="organizer">True</property>
  <property name="otherPhoneNumber">tel:+14251111111</property>
  <property name="role">Attendee</property>
  <property name="sourceNetwork">SameEnterprise</property>
  <property name="uri"></property>
  <property name="workPhoneNumber">tel:+14251111111</property>
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