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John Austin|Last Updated: 10/25/2016
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** Applies to: **Skype for Business 2015

        Error Subcodes


AlreadyExistsThe resource you're trying to create already exists.
AnonymousNotAllowedThis operation is not allowed for anonymous users
AnotherOperationPendingAnother operation is already in progress.
APIVersionNotSupportedRequested API version is not supported.
ApplicationNotFoundApplication Not Found.
AttendeeNotAllowedAttendee is not allowed to perform operation, for demoted scenario.
AutoAcceptedThe invitation was auto-accepted.
BusyRemote side is busy and cannot fullfill request.
CallbackUriUnreachableCallbackUri supplied by the application could not be reached.
CallTerminatedCall is terminated.
ConnectedElsewhereCall is connected elsewhere.
ConversationNotFoundThe conversation does not exist.
DemotedParticipant was demoted.
DeniedThe lobby participant was denied from the conference.
DerivedConversationIndicates that a new derived conversation is the reason for the event.
DeserializationFailureThe request body could not be deserialized.
DestinationNotFoundThe targeted user doesn't exist.
DialoutNotAllowedDialout not allowed.
DoNotDisturbDo not disturb.
EjectedThe user is removed from conference.
EndedThe conference has finished.
EscalationFailedConference escalation failed.
ExchangeTimeoutThe Exchange request timed out
ExpiredThe parked audiovideo session was terminated due to timeout.
FederationRequiredFederation is required.
InactiveApplicationExpiredInactive application expired.
InsufficientBandwidthOutgoing call establishment failed due to insufficient bandwidth.
InvalidMediaDescriptionThe media description supplied is not valid.
InviteesOnlyInvitees only.
IPv6NotSupportedRemote party doesn't support IPv6 IP addresses.
LimitExceededA server defined limit was exceeded.
LisServiceUnavailableLocation Information Service is unavailable
MakeMeAvailableRequiredThe MakeMeAvailable operation is a prerequisite for this operation.
MediaEncryptionMismatchThere was media encryption mismatch between local and remote clients.
MediaEncryptionNotSupportedCannot support media encryption required by client.
MediaEncryptionRequiredMedia encryption is required to establish media.
MediaFailureMedia failure.
MediaFallbackIncoming media is being handled by fallback logic.
MediaNegotiationFailureMedia negotiation request failed.
MediaNegotiationTimeOutMedia negotiation request timed out.
MigrationInProgressThere is a migration in progress, contact's buddy list is read-only.
MissedCall was missed.
ModalityNotSupportedModality not supported.
NewContentSharerCall was terminated because another presenter started sharing content.
NoDelegatesConfiguredNo delegates configured.
NoLocationFoundLIS could not find a matched location
NormalizationFailedPhone normalization failed.
NotAcceptableThe remote client is unable to accept the call at this time or context.
NotAllowedThe remote party is not allowed to process this request due to policy.
NoTeamMembersConfiguredNo team members configured.
OperationNotSupportedThe specified operation is not supported right now
ParameterValidationFailureThe message content type was invalid.
PGetReplacedThe existing P-GET was replaced with a new P-GET from the client application.
PhoneNumberConflictInvitation failed because multiple users are associated with the destination phone number.
ProvisioningDataUnavailableProvisioning data could not be retrieved
PstnCallFailedThe attempt to reach mobile user's simulring number failed.
RedirectedIndicates that the invitation was redirected to another participant.
RemovedThe user was removed from the Mcu.
ReplacedThe modality was replaced.
RepliedWithOtherModalityThe recipient is responding in another way, such as IM or phone.
SessionSwitchedCall's session has changed.
TemporarilyUnavailableMcu shuts down.
ThreadIdAlreadyExistsA conversation already exists with the same thread id.
TimeoutService Timeout.
TooManyApplicationsThere are too many applications.
TooManyContactsThere are too many contacts.
TooManyConversationsUser has exceeded max conversations.
TooManyGroupsThere are too many groups.
TooManyLobbyParticipantsToo many lobby participants.
TooManyOnlineMeetingsThe user has reached their online meeting limit.
TooManyParticipantsToo many participants.
TransferDeclinedThe call transfer reqeust is declined at transferee side.
TransferredCall Transferred.
TransferTargetDeclinedThe call initiated from transferee gets declined at transfer target side.
UnavailableNo Mcu is available via the MCU factory.
UnreachableThe target is not reachable.
UnsupportedMediaTypeThe content-type is not supported.
UserAgentNotAllowedThe user agent supplied is not allowed.
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