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Skype for Business - Mobile URIs

John Austin|Last Updated: 7/8/2016

Skype for Business Mobile URIs provide a simple way for you to initiate calls and chats using the Skype for Business mobile clients from websites and other apps.

For a Mobile URI to work, the Skype for Business mobile app must be installed on the user’s device, and the user must have an active account. The most recent versions of Skype for Business iOS and Android support Mobile URIs. All interaction initiated by these Mobile URIs happens through the Skype for Business app.

Currently two-party chat, and audio calls can be initiated by Mobile URIs on Skype for Business iOS and Android. There is also a URI to launch the app. Skype for Business Android additionally supports Mobile URI initiating video calls.

General Syntax

A ms-sfb URI has the following general form: "ms-sfb://" [operation] ["?" query ]

The components are:

  • operation = call / chat
  • query = [ "?" *(term "=" condition ) ]
    • term = 1*ALPHA
    • condition = 1*ALPHA

Note: If required parameters are missing or have invalid values, a 400 (bad request error) will be returned. Any additional/unknown parameters will be ignored.


OperationSyntaxParametersSupported Apps
Launch appms-sfb://startNoneiOS, Android
Start callms-sfb://call?id=(sip address) [&video= false or true ]id - required parameter, can be an email address or PSTN ("+" (DIGIT) *(DIGIT / "-" )). video - optional Boolean parameter with default of false, used to indicate that the user prefers the call as a video call, will be audio only if video not possibleiOS (audio only), Android
Start chatms-sfb://chat?id=(sip address) URLEncoded(url)id - required parameter, can be an email address or a URL encoded SIP URIiOS, Android

URI Examples

Start a chat:

  • "ms-sfb://chat?"
  • "ms-sfb://chat?"

Start a call:

  • "ms-sfb://call?id=+1425-555-1234"
  • "ms-sfb://call?"

Start a video call (Android only):

  • "ms-sfb://call?"

Mobile platform examples

Read the following topics for examples of how to implement the Skype for Business Mobile URIs in Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

Mobile URI SDK Samples

You can find Android samples for this SDK in our GitHub repository today. Check back later for iOS samples.

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