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Silverlight Videos and Tutorials

Silverlight is a powerful development tool for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications. These videos and tutorials will help you to get started quickly.


Getting Started

Walking Through a Silverlight Application

Take a tour of the XAML and Javascript generated by an application template that's installed with the Silverlight SDK.


Organizing XAML Assets

Learn how to organize XAML assets in Expression Design and Expression Blend to maximize developer efficiency.


Hosting HTML Content

This video demonstrates various ways you can use existing HTML content within your Silverlight application including full pages, fragments, or syndicated content.


Understanding Mouse Input

Learn about Mouse input and how to use some of the mouse functionality available in Silverlight.


Using Custom Fonts

Learn how to download and use a custom font with a Text Block in Silverlight.


Adding Silverlight to a Web Page

Learn what "silverlight.js" helper file is used for and what the parameters on the Silverlight plug-in can do.

Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 Release Overview

In this video, Pete provides an overview of the new and updated features in the release of Silverlight 5.


Introduction to Silverlight 5 3D

This video, provides the basics of 3d in Silverlight, showing how to create a project using the 3d template included with the Silverlight 5 Toolkit. In order to use the templates, in addition to the Silverlight 5 Tools, you’ll need to install the Silverlight Toolkit, as well as the DirectX SDK and XNA Game Studio 4.0.


Silverlight 5 Multi-Column and Linked Text

Pete Brown shows us how to use the RichTextBoxOverflow to enable text to flow in columns or a free-form layout.


Silverlight 5 Mouse Button Double and Multi Click

Silverlight 5 now enables us to capture double click, or even an arbitrary number of clicks. Pete Brown shows us how to use the new ClickCount property for the mouse button events.