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Security Webcasts and Screencasts

Microsoft provides a number of training and certification opportunities for developers using Microsoft tools and technologies. Webcasts, MSDN developer events, conferences, and third-party training opportunities are just a few of the resources available to those who want to learn more about security.

Security Innovation WebCasts

Minimizing Software Risk: Reducing your Application's Attack Surface

The attack surface of an application is the set of ways in which an adversary can enter your software and potentially cause damage. The larger the attack surface, the more insecure the software. This webcast will present best practices for minimizing code exposed to untrusted users and protect against vulnerabilities and threats that you don’t know about.

Threat Modeling: The Art of Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Software Risk

Threat modeling is a key and powerful component of software risk management that organizations can use to identify risks and make better security decisions throughout design, coding, testing, and deployment. This Webcast will demonstrate how to characterize your business and technology from an attacker's viewpoint and determine the myriad of threats to your enterprise or application.

Shifting from a Test-Dependent to a Design-Driven Organization

Application penetration testing is a great way to assess the risk of vulnerabilities before deployment, but should merely serve as a backstop to prove your application was designed securely. This webcast will discuss requirements and design best practices and how they yield efficiency gains and reduced vulnerabilities throughout the lifecycle

Six Key Security Activities for Software Engineering and Development

Adopting a security engineering mindset to application development means that security is considered from project inception through deployment. This webcast will present six security engineering activities that can be leveraged to refine and extend their existing life cycle activities.

Hunting Down Vulnerabilities in your Code: Effective Review Techniques

A security-focused code review is one of the most important activities that you and your team can do in order to improve the security of your software. You can use a security code review to find vulnerabilities in code that is not yet ready to test or to find problems that would be very hard to find with testing techniques. This webcast describes the activities, process and tools that you need to find security problems in your code quickly and effectively.

Writing Secure Code in ASP.NET

This webcast, delivered by a seasoned developer and software security expert, addresses common coding pitfalls and design errors and offers practical techniques developers can employ to minimize the likelihood of introducing vulnerabilities into their ASP.NET code.

A Proactive Approach to Building a Successful Security Development Lifecycle

A good offense starts with security as part of the whole development lifecycle and requires specialized security knowledge and tools that organizations can adopt quickly and with minimal disruption to their development process. Three industry leaders discuss why and how you can get your organization on the right path.