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Get the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle toolset – it’s free
Download the templates and tools made available at no cost by Microsoft to help you automate SDL practices.
Microsoft's Security Talk Series: Discusses the latest in security & privacy
Join the discussion with a diverse group of leading security and privacy experts in this informative series of webcasts. These discussions help you gain insight and prescriptive guidance on a variety ... more
Write more secure code with the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)
Download the Simplified Implementation of the Microsoft SDL to learn about the software development security activities you should perform in order to improve the security of your code.
Announcing WIF support for Windows Server 2003
Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) RTW for Windows Server 2003 is available NOW! This release supports both Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2003 R2 platforms and following seven languages: E... more
Download Windows Identity Foundation Today
Windows Identity Foundation helps simplify user access for developers by externalizing user access from applications via claims and reducing development effort with pre-built security logic and integr... more

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A Microsoft-wide initiative and a mandatory policy since 2004, the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) introduces security and privacy early and throughout the development process. Combining a holistic and practical approach, the SDL is risk-based with the goal of protecting end-users by reducing the number and severity of vulnerabilities in code.

Identity Management Team Blog RSS Feed

Windows Identity Foundation enables .NET developers to externalize identity logic from their application, improving developer productivity, enhancing application security, and enabling interoperability. Enjoy greater productivity, applying the same tools and programming model to build on-premises software as well as cloud services.

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Read in-depth security articles from the authors of MSDN Magazine.

MSDN | Security Developer Center

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MSDN | Security Developer Center

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Download AD FS 2.0

AD FS 2.0 is a security token service for IT that issues and transforms claims and other tokens, manages user access and enables federation and access management for simplified single sign-on.

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MSDN | Security Developer Center

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Read up on software engineering, cybersecurity, and application risk management as offered by Security Innovation

MSDN | Security Developer Center

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