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Owen Duncan|Last Updated: 10/5/2018
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Returns a list of random numbers between 0 and 1, given the number of values to generate and an optional seed value.

  • count: The number of random values to generate.
  • seed: [Optional] A numeric value used to seed the random number generator. If omitted a unique list of random numbers is generated each time you call the function. If you specify the seed value with a number every call to the function generates the same list of random numbers.

List.Random(count as number, optional seed as nullable number) as { Number }  


countHow many random numbers to return.
optional seedRandomization seed value.


List.Random(10) equals { 0.44298228502412434, 0.11142372065755712, 0.81061893087374925, 0.69705957299892773, 0.84984056970562816, 0.45717397865707704, 0.27344677656583805, 0.51387371612427468, 0.14493200795023331, 0.89694489161341684 }  
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