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Duration functions

Owen Duncan|Last Updated: 10/5/2018
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Duration.DaysReturns the day component of a Duration value.
Duration.FromReturns a duration value from a value.
Duration.FromTextReturns a Duration value from a text value.
Duration.HoursReturns an hour component of a Duration value.
Duration.MinutesReturns a minute component of a Duration value.
Duration.SecondsReturns a second component of a Duration value.
Duration.ToRecordReturns a record with parts of a Duration value.
Duration.TotalDaysReturns the total magnitude of days from a Duration value.
Duration.TotalHoursReturns the total magnitude of hours from a Duration value.
Duration.TotalMinutesReturns the total magnitude of minutes from a Duration value.
Duration.TotalSecondsReturns the total magnitude of seconds from a duration value.
Duration.ToTextReturns a text value from a Duration value.
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