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DateTimeZone functions

Owen Duncan|Last Updated: 10/5/2018
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DateTimeZone.FixedLocalNowReturns a DateTimeZone value set to the current date, time, and timezone offset on the system.
DateTimeZone.FixedUtcNowReturns the current date and time in UTC (the GMT timezone).
DateTimeZone.FromReturns a datetimezone value from a value.
DateTimeZone.FromFileTimeReturns a DateTimeZone from a number value.
DateTimeZone.FromTextReturns a DateTimeZone value from a set of date formats and culture value.
DateTimeZone.LocalNowReturns a DateTime value set to the current system date and time.
DateTimeZone.RemoveZoneReturns a datetime value with the zone information removed from the input datetimezone value.
DateTimeZone.SwitchZoneChanges the timezone information for the input DateTimeZone.
DateTimeZone.ToLocalReturns a DateTime value from the local time zone.
DateTimeZone.ToRecordReturns a record containing parts of a DateTime value.
DateTimeZone.ToTextReturns a text value from a DateTime value.
DateTimeZone.ToUtcReturns a DateTime value to the Utc time zone.
DateTimeZone.UtcNowReturns a DateTime value set to the current system date and time in the Utc timezone.
DateTimeZone.ZoneHoursReturns a time zone hour value from a DateTime value.
DateTimeZone.ZoneMinutesReturns a time zone minute value from a DateTime value.
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