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Owen Duncan|Last Updated: 10/5/2018
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Returns a function that combines a list of text into a single text using each specified delimiter in sequence.

Combiner.CombineTextByEachDelimiter(delimiters as list, optional quoteStyle as number) as function  


delimitersThe delimiter characters are used to identify at what points to split the string. The delimiter character is not included in the split values. A trailing delimiter character will yield an additional empty text value. The split values contain all characters between the delimiters. This function will always produce at least one value.
optional quoteStyleDetermines whether there is quoting within the value that should be used to preserve line breaks and for which delimiters are not significant.


  • Combiner.CombineTextByEachDelimiter is similar to CombineTextByDelimiter except that each delimiter is used in turn.

  • An error is thrown by the resulting function if the cardinality of the line passed to it exceeds the cardinality of the delimiters.

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