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Bob Brumfield

Notes from the team room...

Francis Cheung Francis Cheung

The journey of an agile programmer...

John DeVadoss


David Hill


Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

Process, patterns, and practices...

J.D. Meier

Software engineering, project Management, effectiveness...

Grigori Melnik Grigori Melnik

Thoughts on agile software engineering and beyond...

Ade Miller

Building better software better...

Eugenio Pace

Software as a Service Architecture Guidance

Michael Puleio Michael Puleio

Espresso Fueled Agile Development

Javed Sikander


Don Smith Don Smith

Customer Advocate Extraordinaire

Chris Tavares

Software Mechanics...Why do we even have that lever?

Erwin van der Valk

Practicing Patterns

Blaine Wastell

patterns & practices Client Architecture Guidance

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