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DSC Package Resource

Eric Slesar|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Applies To: Windows PowerShell 4.0, Windows PowerShell 5.0

The Package resource in Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) provides a mechanism to install or uninstall packages, such as Windows Installer and setup.exe packages, on a target node.


Package [string] #ResourceName
    Name = [string]
    Path = [string]
    ProductId = [string]
    [ Arguments = [string] ]
    [ Credential = [PSCredential] ]
    [ Ensure = [string] { Absent | Present }  ]
    [ LogPath = [string] ]
    [ DependsOn = [string[]] ]
    [ ReturnCode = [UInt32[]] ]


NameIndicates the name of the package for which you want to ensure a specific state.
PathIndicates the path where the package resides.
ProductIdIndicates the product ID that uniquely identifies the package.
ArgumentsLists a string of arguments that will be passed to the package exactly as provided.
CredentialProvides access to the package on a remote source. This property is not used to install the package. The package is always installed on the local system.
EnsureIndicates if the package is installed. Set this property to "Absent" to ensure the package is not installed (or uninstall the package if it is installed). Set it to "Present" (the default value) to ensure the package is installed.
LogPathIndicates the full path where you want the provider to save a log file to install or uninstall the package.
DependsOnIndicates that the configuration of another resource must run before this resource is configured. For example, if the ID of the resource configuration script block that you want to run first is ResourceName and its type is ResourceType, the syntax for using this property is `DependsOn = "[ResourceType]ResourceName"``.
ReturnCodeIndicates the expected return code. If the actual return code does not match the expected value provided here, the configuration will return an error.


This example runs the .msi installer that is located at the specified path and has the specified product ID.

Configuration PackageTest
    Package PackageExample
        Ensure      = "Present"  # You can also set Ensure to "Absent"
        Path        = "$Env:SystemDrive\TestFolder\TestProject.msi"
        Name        = "TestPackage"
        ProductId   = "ACDDCDAF-80C6-41E6-A1B9-8ABD8A05027E"
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