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ProvisioningTemplate Class

SharePoint Dev Documents|Last Updated: 8/7/2017
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Domain Object for the Provisioning Template

Domain Object for the Provisioning Template

Assembly: OfficeDevPnP.Core.dll

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public class ProvisioningTemplate: IEquatable<ProvisioningTemplate>


ProvisioningTemplate()Constructor for ProvisioningTemplate class
ProvisioningTemplate(FileConnectorBase)Constructor for ProvisioningTemplate class


AddInsDefines the SharePoint Add-ins to provision
AuditSettingsThe Audit Settings for the Provisioning Template
BaseSiteTemplateThe Base SiteTemplate of the Provisioning Template
ClientSidePagesGets a collection of ClientSidePage to configure for the site
ComposedLookGets or Sets the composed look of the template
ConnectorGets or sets the File Connector
ContentTypesGets a collection of Content Types to create
CustomActionsGets or sets CustomActions for the template
DescriptionThe Description of the Provisioning Template
DirectoriesGets a collection of directories from which upload files for the template
DisplayNameThe Display Name of the Provisioning Template
ExtensibilityHandlersGets or sets the Extensibility Handlers
FeaturesGets or sets a list of features to activate or deactivate
FilesGets a collection of files for the template
IdGets or sets the ID of the Provisioning Template
ImagePreviewUrlThe Image Preview Url of the Provisioning Template
LocalizationsGets or sets the Localizations
NavigationThe Navigation configurations of the Provisioning Template
PagesGets a collection of Wiki Pages for the template
ParametersAny parameters that can be used throughout the template
PropertiesA set of custom Properties for the Provisioning Template
ProvidersGets a collection of Providers that are used during the extensibility pipeline
PublishingDefines the Publishing configuration to provision
RegionalSettingsThe Regional Settings of the Provisioning Template
ScopeDeclares the target scope of the current Provisioning Template
SearchSettingsThe Search Settings for the Provisioning Template
SecuritySecurity Groups Members for the Template
SiteFieldsGets a collection of fields
SitePolicyGets or Sets the Site Policy
SiteSearchSettingsThe Site Collection level Search Settings for the Provisioning Template
SiteWebhooksGets a collection of SiteWebhooks to configure for the site
SupportedUILanguagesThe Supported UI Languages for the Provisioning Template
TemplateCultureInfoThe default CultureInfo of the Provisioning Template, used to format all input values, optional attribute.
TermGroupsGets a collection of termgroups to deploy to the site
VersionGets or sets the Version of the Provisioning Template
WebSearchSettingsThe Web level Search Settings for the Provisioning Template
WebSettingsThe Web Settings of the Provisioning Template
WorkflowsDefines the Workflows to provision


Equals(Object)Compares object with ProvisioningTemplate
Equals(ProvisioningTemplate)Compares ProvisioningTemplate object based on ComposedLook, ContentTypes, CustomActions, SiteFeature, WebFeatures, Files, Id, Lists, PropertyBagEntries, Providers, Security, SiteFields, SitePolicy, Version, Pages, TermGroups, Workflows, AddIns, Publishing, Loaclizations, WebSettings, SiteWebhooks, and ClientSidePages properties.
GetHashCode()Gets the hash code
ToXML(ITemplateFormatter)Serializes a template to XML

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