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ContentType Class

SharePoint Dev Documents|Last Updated: 6/19/2017
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Domain Object used in the Provisioning template that defines a Content Type

Assembly: OfficeDevPnP.Core.dll

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public class ContentType: BaseModel, IEquatable<ContentType>


ContentType()Constructor for ContentType class
ContentType(String, String, String, String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, String, Boolean, IEnumerable)Constructor for ContentType class


DescriptionThe description of the Content Type
DisplayFormUrlSpecifies the URL of a custom display form to use for list items that have been assigned the content type
DocumentSetTemplateSpecifies the properties of the DocumentSet Template if the ContentType defines a DocumentSet
DocumentTemplateSpecifies the document template for the content type
EditFormUrlSpecifies the URL of a custom edit form to use for list items that have been assigned the content type
FieldRefsThe FieldRefs entries of the List Instance
GroupThe group name of the content type
HiddenTrue to define the content type as hidden. If you define a content type as hidden, SharePoint Foundation does not display that content type on the New button in list views.
IdThe Id of the Content Type
NameThe name of the Content Type
NewFormUrlSpecifies the URL of a custom new form to use for list items that have been assigned the content type
OverwriteTrue to overwrite an existing content type with the same ID.
ReadOnlyTrue to specify that the content type cannot be edited without explicitly removing the read-only setting. This can be done either in the user interface or in code.
SealedTrue to prevent changes to this content type. You cannot change the value of this attribute through the user interface, but you can change it in code if you have sufficient rights. You must have site collection administrator rights to unseal a content type.


Equals(Object)Compares object with ContentType
Equals(ContentType)Compares ContentType object based on Id, Name, Description, Group, Hidden, RedOnly, Overwrite, Sealed, DocumentTemplate, DocumentSetTemplate and FieldRefs properties.
GetHashCode()Gets the hash code

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