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YammerUser Class

SharePoint Dev Documents|Last Updated: 6/19/2017
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Represents YammerUser Generated based on Yammer response on 30th of June 2014 and using service

Assembly: OfficeDevPnP.Core.dll

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public class YammerUser


YammerUser()Represents YammerUser Generated based on Yammer response on 30th of June 2014 and using service


activated_atRepresents yammer user activated information
adminRepresents yammer user admin
birth_dateRepresents yammer user birth date
can_broadcastRepresents yammer user broadcast details
contactRepresents yammer user contact details
departmentRepresents yammer user department
expertiseRepresents yammer user expertise
external_urlsRepresents yammer user list of external urls
first_nameRepresents yammer user first name
follow_general_messagesRepresents yammer user follows general messages or not
full_nameRepresents yammer user full name
guidRepresents yammer user Guid
hire_dateRepresents yammer user hire date
idRepresents yammer user id
interestsRepresents yammer user interests
job_titleRepresents yammer user job title
kids_namesRepresents yammer user kids names
last_nameRepresents yammer user last name
locationRepresents yammer user location
mugshot_urlRepresents yammer user mugshot url
mugshot_url_templateRepresents yammer user mugshot url template
nameRepresents yammer user name
network_domainsRepresents yammer user list of network domains
network_idRepresents yammer user network id
network_nameRepresents yammer user network name
previous_companiesRepresents yammer user list of previous companies
schoolsRepresents yammer user list of schools
settingsRepresents yammer user settings information
show_ask_for_photoRepresents yammer user preferred show ask for photo option or not
significant_otherRepresents yammer user other significant
stateRepresents yammer user state
statsRepresents yammer user statistics information
summaryRepresents yammer user summary
timezoneRepresents yammer user time zone
typeRepresents yammer user type
urlRepresents yammer user url
verified_adminRepresents yammer user verified admin
web_oauth_access_tokenRepresents yammer user web auth access token
web_preferencesRepresents yammer user web preference information
web_urlRepresents yammer user web url

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