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BrandingExtensions.SetComposedLookByUrl Method

SharePoint Dev Documents|Last Updated: 5/20/2017
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Retrieves the named composed look, overrides with specified palette, font, background and master page, and then recursively sets the specified values.

Assembly: OfficeDevPnP.Core.dll


public static void SetComposedLookByUrl(this Web web, String lookName, String paletteServerRelativeUrl, String fontServerRelativeUrl, String backgroundServerRelativeUrl, String masterServerRelativeUrl, Boolean resetSubsitesToInherit = False, Boolean updateRootOnly = True)



  Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Web
  Web to apply composed look to


  Type: System.String
  Name of the composed look to apply; null will apply the override values only

(optional) paletteServerRelativeUrl

  Type: System.String
  Override palette file URL to use

(optional) fontServerRelativeUrl

  Type: System.String
  Override font file URL to use

(optional) backgroundServerRelativeUrl

  Type: System.String
  Override background image file URL to use

(optional) masterServerRelativeUrl

  Type: System.String
  Override master page file URL to use

(optional) resetSubsitesToInherit

  Type: System.Boolean
  false (default) to apply to currently inheriting subsites only; true to force all subsites to inherit

(optional) updateRootOnly

  Type: System.Boolean
  false to apply to subsites; true (default) to only apply to specified site

Return Value

Type: void

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