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Bert Jansen|Last Updated: 2/16/2017
Get‑PnPSiteCollectionTermStoreReturns the site collection term store
Export‑PnPTaxonomyExports a taxonomy to either the output or to a file.
Import‑PnPTaxonomyImports a taxonomy from either a string array or a file
Set‑PnPTaxonomyFieldValueSets a taxonomy term value in a listitem field
Get‑PnPTaxonomyItemReturns a taxonomy item
Remove‑PnPTaxonomyItemRemoves a taxonomy item
Get‑PnPTaxonomySessionReturns a taxonomy session
Get‑PnPTermReturns a taxonomy term
New‑PnPTermCreates a taxonomy term
Get‑PnPTermGroupReturns a taxonomy term group
New‑PnPTermGroupCreates a taxonomy term group
Remove‑PnPTermGroupRemoves a taxonomy term group and all its containing termsets
Import‑PnPTermGroupFromXmlImports a taxonomy TermGroup from either the input or from an XML file.
Export‑PnPTermGroupToXmlExports a taxonomy TermGroup to either the output or to an XML file.
Get‑PnPTermSetReturns a taxonomy term set
Import‑PnPTermSetImports a taxonomy term set from a file in the standard format.
New‑PnPTermSetCreates a taxonomy term set
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