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Bert Jansen|Last Updated: 2/16/2017

Removes a menu item from either the quicklaunch or top navigation


Remove-PnPNavigationNode -Location <NavigationType>
                         -Title <String>
                         [-Header <String>]
                         [-Force [<SwitchParameter>]]
                         [-Web <WebPipeBind>]


LocationNavigationTypeTrueThe location from where to remove the node (QuickLaunch, TopNavigationBar
TitleStringTrueThe title of the node that needs to be removed
ForceSwitchParameterFalseSpecifying the Force parameter will skip the confirmation question.
HeaderStringFalseThe header where the node is located
WebWebPipeBindFalseThe web to apply the command to. Omit this parameter to use the current web.


Example 1

PS:> Remove-PnPNavigationNode -Title Recent -Location QuickLaunch

Will remove the recent navigation node from the quick launch in the current web.

Example 2

PS:> Remove-PnPNavigationNode -Title Home -Location TopNavigationBar -Force

Will remove the home navigation node from the top navigation bar without prompting for a confirmation in the current web.

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