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Bert Jansen|Last Updated: 2/16/2017
Add‑PnPDataRowsToProvisioningTemplateAdds datarows to a list inside a PnP Provisioning Template
Remove‑PnPFileFromProvisioningTemplateRemoves a file from a PnP Provisioning Template
Add‑PnPFileToProvisioningTemplateAdds a file to a PnP Provisioning Template
Convert‑PnPFolderToProvisioningTemplateCreates a pnp package file of an existing template xml, and includes all files in the current folder
Add‑PnPListFoldersToProvisioningTemplateAdds folders to a list in a PnP Provisioning Template
Apply‑PnPProvisioningTemplateApplies a provisioning template to a web
Convert‑PnPProvisioningTemplateConverts a provisioning template to an other schema version
Get‑PnPProvisioningTemplateGenerates a provisioning template from a web
Load‑PnPProvisioningTemplateLoads a PnP file from the file systems
New‑PnPProvisioningTemplateCreates a new provisioning template object
Save‑PnPProvisioningTemplateSaves a PnP file to the file systems
New‑PnPProvisioningTemplateFromFolderGenerates a provisioning template from a given folder, including only files that are present in that folder
Set‑PnPProvisioningTemplateMetadataSets metadata of a provisioning template
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