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Bert Jansen|Last Updated: 2/20/2017
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Creates a taxonomy term set


New-PnPTermSet -Name <String>
               -TermGroup <Id, Title or TermGroup>
               [-Id <Guid>]
               [-Lcid <Int>]
               [-Contact <String>]
               [-Description <String>]
               [-IsOpenForTermCreation [<SwitchParameter>]]
               [-IsNotAvailableForTagging [<SwitchParameter>]]
               [-Owner <String>]
               [-StakeHolders <String[]>]
               [-CustomProperties <Hashtable>]
               [-TermStore <Id, Name or Object>]




NameStringTrueThe name of the termset.
TermGroupId, Title or TermGroupTrueName, id or actualy termgroup to create the termset in.
ContactStringFalseAn e-mail address for term suggestion and feedback. If left blank the suggestion feature will be disabled.
DescriptionStringFalseDescriptive text to help users understand the intended use of this term set.
IdGuidFalseThe Id to use for the term set; if not specified, or the empty GUID, a random GUID is generated and used.
IsNotAvailableForTaggingSwitchParameterFalseBy default a term set is available to be used by end users and content editors of sites consuming this term set. Specify this switch to turn this off
IsOpenForTermCreationSwitchParameterFalseWhen a term set is closed, only metadata managers can add terms to this term set. When it is open, users can add terms from a tagging application. Not specifying this switch will make the term set closed.
LcidIntFalseThe locale id to use for the term set. Defaults to the current locale id.
OwnerStringFalseThe primary user or group of this term set.
StakeHoldersString[]FalsePeople and groups in the organization that should be notified before major changes are made to the term set. You can enter multiple users or groups.
TermStoreId, Name or ObjectFalseTerm store to check; if not specified the default term store is used.


Example 1

PS:> New-PnPTermSet -Name "Department" -TermGroup "Corporate"

Creates a new termset named "Department" in the group named "Corporate"

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