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Files and Folders

Bert Jansen|Last Updated: 2/20/2017
1 Contributor
Add‑PnPFileUploads a file to Web
Copy‑PnPFileCopies a file or folder to a different location
Find‑PnPFileFinds a file in the virtual file system of the web.
Get‑PnPFileDownloads a file.
Move‑PnPFileMoves a file to a different location
Remove‑PnPFileRemoves a file.
Rename‑PnPFileRenames a file in its current location
Set‑PnPFileCheckedInChecks in a file
Set‑PnPFileCheckedOutChecks out a file
Add‑PnPFolderCreates a folder within a parent folder
Ensure‑PnPFolderReturns a folder from a given site relative path, and will create it if it does not exist.
Get‑PnPFolderReturn a folder object
Move‑PnPFolderMove a folder to another location in the current web
Remove‑PnPFolderDeletes a folder within a parent folder
Rename‑PnPFolderRenames a folder
Get‑PnPFolderItemList content in folder
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