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Bert Jansen|Last Updated: 2/16/2017

Exports a taxonomy to either the output or to a file.


Export-PnPTaxonomy [-TermSetId <GuidPipeBind>]
                   [-TermStoreName <String>]
                   [-IncludeID [<SwitchParameter>]]
                   [-Path <String>]
                   [-Force [<SwitchParameter>]]
                   [-Delimiter <String>]
                   [-Encoding <Encoding>]


DelimiterStringFalseThe path delimiter to be used, by default this is '
EncodingEncodingFalseDefaults to Unicode
ForceSwitchParameterFalseOverwrites the output file if it exists.
IncludeIDSwitchParameterFalseIf specified will include the ids of the taxonomy items in the output. Format:
PathStringFalseFile to export the data to.
TermSetIdGuidPipeBindFalseIf specified, will export the specified termset only
TermStoreNameStringFalseTerm store to export; if not specified the default term store is used.


Example 1

PS:> Export-PnPTaxonomy

Exports the full taxonomy to the standard output

Example 2

PS:> Export-PnPTaxonomy -Path c:\output.txt

Exports the full taxonomy the file output.txt

Example 3

PS:> Export-PnPTaxonomy -Path c:\output.txt -TermSet f6f43025-7242-4f7a-b739-41fa32847254

Exports the term set with the specified id

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