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Request a reseller relationship with a customer

Last Updated: 10/20/2016

Applies to

  • Partner Center operated by 21Vianet

You need to request a reseller relationship with a customer when:

  • You work with other resellers in multi-partner and/or multi-channel scenarios
  • The customer granted delegated administrative privileges to a different partner, and you need to restore them to provide provisioning or support

This process adds delegated administrative privileges only. Unless you were the original reseller for the subscription, you will not receive a bill for these subscriptions. Additionally, you cannot remove seats, order add-ons, transition or migrate the subscriptions, or change the Partner of Record.

To request a reseller relationship with a customer

  1. In Partner Center, go to the Dashboard menu > Customers > Request a reseller relationship.
  2. Copy the email text. You can edit or delete the first two paragraphs, but the link should be left as-is. This link's URL applies specifically to your reseller account, and does not have any customer information included. You can reuse the same link every time you request a reseller relationship with a customer.
  3. Send the email to your customer. When the customer follows the link in your email, they are taken to the admin center in Office 365 operated by 21Vianet to accept your request.
  4. Once the customer has accepted your request, they can review all of their partners for different services on the Partner Relationships page, including which partners have delegated administrative privileges for each service.

    In the multichannel model, customers can have only one CSP-transacting partner with delegated administrative privileges per service.

  5. After a reseller relationship has been established with the customer, they are added to your customer list in Partner Center. You can then provision and manage the CSP subscriptions for the customer.

Customers can remove delegated administrative privileges from any or all partners, including CSP resellers, in the admin center for Office 365 operated by 21Vianet. The customer account and commercial relationship still applies unless renegotiated by the customer and you. You are still responsible for providing support to the customer and adhering to the terms of the China CSP reseller agreement, even if a customer removes your delegated administrative permissions.

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