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Non-payment, fraud, or misuse

Last Updated: 10/20/2016

Applies to

  • Partner Center operated by 21Vianet

You are financially responsible for fraudulent purchases by your customers and/or customer’s non-payment of purchased services. We recommend that you implement fraud prevention and detection risk mitigation controls. You are responsible for deciding whether to extend credit to a customer, however:

  • We recommend establishing a clear collections policy with customers that details your collections process and when access to the subscription will be impacted.

  • You can block access to your customers' subscriptions for non-payment.

To address fraudulent activity or misuse, you have the following options.

Suspend subscriptions

You can suspend customer subscriptions yourself from Partner Center while you investigate the problem. See Suspend a subscription.

Create a service request

Create a service request with 21Vianet if you have additional questions or concerns about suspicious activity. See Report problems on behalf of a customer.

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