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Enroll in the 21Vianet China CSP reseller program

Last Updated: 10/20/2016

Applies to

  • Partner Center operated by 21Vianet

This article explains how to enroll in the 21Vianet China Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) reseller program and how to get started using Partner Center to grow and manage your CSP reseller business in China.

Enrolling in the 21Vianet China CSP program is a multi-step process that may take several weeks to complete while we review your enrollment request, run a credit check, and create your Partner Center account.

Before you begin

During the enrollment process, you'll need to supply the following information. You might want to have these items on hand before you kick off the enrollment process.

  • Global admin credentials for your work or school account. Your work or school account is the Azure Active Directory account that you use to sign in to the admin center for Office 365 operated by 21Vianet. If you don't have a work or school account, you can create one during the CSP enrollment process.
  • Your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID. You need to be a member of the MPN to enroll in the 21Vianet China CSP program. If you are not an MPN member, you can join here.
  • Your organization's customer support details, including the URL for your support site, support email, and support phone number.

To enroll in the 21Vianet China CSP program

  1. To get started, kick off the enrollment process.

  2. Sign in with your organization's work or school account global admin credentials or select Create one to create a new work or school account.

  3. On the Create a Partner Center account page, fill in your organization's details and then enter the details for the person in your organization who you want to have global admin permissions and access to Partner Center. Select Continue.

    The first Partner Center account you create will be a global admin account. Global admins have access to all administrative features in Partner Center and are the only admins who can assign other admin roles. While you can have more than one global admin in your organization, we recommend that only a few people in your company have this role to reduce the risk to your business.

  4. For your protection, you might be asked to verify your account details by completing a telephone challenge. When prompted to enter a telephone number, use your organization's China telephone number.

  5. After you resolve the challenge, select Create account. A message appears, confirming that your Partner Center account has been created.

    Save the information in this message as you'll need it to log on to Partner Center for the first time.

    Select Continue and then log in to Partner Center operated by 21Vianet with your new account credentials.

  6. On the Enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program page, enter your MPN ID and the details for your organization's legal business profile, approval contact, and customer support information. After your enrollment request has been reviewed, you'll be notified by email whether you are approved to resell CSP services in China. Please note that it can take several weeks to review your enrollment request.

  7. When you receive the email notifying you that you've been approved to resell CSP services in China, sign in to Partner Center with the credentials you saved in Step 4 and select Accept and continue to digitally sign the 21Vianet CSP reseller agreement.

    Setting up your Partner Center account may take us several hours to complete. Sign out of Partner Center and then sign back in later.

Get started with Partner Center

After you've successfully signed in to Partner Center, complete these tasks to finish setting up your account.

Select Account settings from the Dashboard menu to:

  • Verify or update your legal, billing, and organization profiles. See Update your partner profile for information about how to do this.
  • Create user accounts and assign permissions for any employees who will complete tasks on Partner Center. See Create user accounts and set permissions for information about how to do this.
  • View and customize your catalog of the services you offer. See Customize the catalog for information about how to do this.

From the Dashboard Overview page, you or one of your admins can:

Develop for Partner Center

See Develop for Partner Center operated by 21Vianet for information about integrating customer, orders, billing, and support systems with your own applications with the software development kit for Partner Center operated by 21Vianet.

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