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Read your bill

Last Updated: 1/14/2017

Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud Germany

Your invoice is a summary of all charges (across the program, products, and customers) for the current monthly period. It is available on the Partner Center Dashboard.

For itemized details about the charges, use the accompanying reconciliation files. The reconciliation files include the customer IDs and subscription IDs that you will use to create customer invoices. For more information, see How to use the reconciliation files.

Invoice file definitions

US FEINYour Federal Tax ID Number.
Customer numberYour customer number.
Bill toThe address where we send your invoice. To change this address, edit your Partner Center account profile.
Recurring chargesThe flat monthly (or annual) charges for the purchased usage-based licenses, billed in advance of the service. This number is the sum of all charges in the "Subtotal" column in the Licence-based reconciliation file (column T).
Usage chargesAzure usage, including new services or applications enabled and used during the billing month. This number is the sum of all charges in the "PretaxCharges" column in the Usage-based reconciliation file (column Z).
Credits & adjustmentsCredits or adjustments for changes made to subscriptions (example: seat increases or decreases).
Other discountsFor example, the discount that the customer receives from the normal price of the subscription. This is shown as a flat amount, not as a price per unit or license.
TaxesThe total tax for the current charges as totaled in the details section beginning on page 2 of the invoice. This number is the sum of all the charges in:
  • the "TaxAmount" column of the Usage-based reconciliation file (column AA), and
  • the "Tax" column of the License-based file (column U).
Total current chargesThe amount due in your billing currency for the billing period, due by the payment due date.
Payment instructionsDescribes how to pay your invoice, based on your region. Always include your invoice number when making a payment.
Invoice noThe number of your invoice.
Billing periodCSP partners are billed monthly.
Invoice dateThe date you receive your invoice.
Payment due dateYour payment must be received by this date.
Customer POYour purchase order number.
Customer serviceThe website address to access customer service.
Service recipientThe address where the service is used. (This is the legal company address associated with company vetting and cannot be changed.)
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