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Transition from Pinpoint to Partner Center

Last Updated: 1/14/2017

Applies to

  • Partner Center

If you see this page, the information here describes how to transition from Pinpoint to Partner Center. Importing your Pinpoint profiles is the main transition step to using Partner Center. You import your Pinpoint marketing profiles to use as your Partner Center marketing profile.

If you have separate Applications or Services profiles in Pinpoint, these will get imported as well, automatically appearing as Solutions in your Partner Center marketing profile.

When you import your Pinpoint profile, your Pinpoint account is retired and you will exclusively use Partner Center for managing your marketing profiles and customer referrals.

Note Please make a note of any customer referrals you have in your Pinpoint account. You cannot import referrals information from Pinpoint to Partner Center.

Important information for partners managing profiles on Pinpoint

As you may know, Microsoft is working hard to create a new and improved experience for partners to publish and maintain their profiles. Ultimately, all partner profiles will be migrated to this new experience, and Pinpoint will be taken offline later in 2017.

Thank you for your patience while we complete this exciting upgrade. We will be providing updates and guidance during the process. In the meantime, please note the following:

  • If your profile is listed on and you would like to modify it, please log-in to this tool.
  • If you are enrolled in Microsoft’s Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Program, please log on to Partner Center. You can either create a new profile, or import your existing Pinpoint profile. Note that all changes to your profile must be made prior to importing it. Please see the information below for details.
  • If you are unable to modify your profile, please contact your Regional Service Center.

Customer Reviews: As part of the planned transition from Pinpoint to Partner Center, the previous customer review listing functionality has been retired and partners can no longer access customer reviews. A communication was sent to all affected partners via their designated email contact prior to removal of the functionality and related reviews. The current plan is to replace it with a more robust and reliable system in the future.

Importing Pinpoint profile information

  1. Log in to Partner Center to manage your marketing profiles and referrals.
  2. From Partner Center's Dashboard menu, select Account settings > Marketing profile.

  3. Under the Profiles tab, select Import from Pinpoint. After the import finishes, the Partner profile creation page allows you to select the Pinpoint profile from which to copy your information, and choose the Solutions to market from each location. Note that your automatically imported Pinpoint Applications or Services profiles appear as Solutions in your Partner Center marketing profile.

You will only be able to Edit or Delete the Solutions listings that you imported to your Partner marketing profile; you will not be able to add new ones to your profile in Partner Center.

For more information about Partner Center marketing profiles, and to view the results of your Pinpoint profile import, go to the main Partner Center profiles page. For more information about creating marketing profiles in Pinpoint, see Create a company marketing profile.)

Create a company marketing profile

Partner Center marketing profiles

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